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MARLBORO HeatSticks (9)

¥ 5,300.00

Please note for Canada: Please confirm whether there is an "input forbidden" update. The Ontario area is being returned in large quantities. Please stop buying.

One order do not exceed 4 cartons at most.  
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Please observe the quantity regulations.

Marlboro HeatStick Bright Menthol new~

Marlboro HeatSticks Yellow Menthol
Marlboro HeatSticks Regular
Marlboro HeatSticks Balanced Regular
Marlboro HeatSticks Menthol
Marlboro HeatSticks Mint

Marlboro HeatSticks Smooth Regular
Marlboro HeatSticks Purple Menthol
Marlboro HeatSticks Tropical Menthol

Quantity/1:20 lines
Price/1:530 Yen
1 Carton (10 Pieces)