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Attention: When you make a purchase, please ensure that it is for your own personal use only.
Please also comply with the statutory adult regulations of your country.

1) If there are any customs duties or matters related to customs, you will need to deal with them yourself.
2) No one wishes to make a mistake, but we are not machines.
If there is any shortfall in your order, please allow us to make up for it subsequently.
If there is any mistake in the purchase, please understand that there will be no exchange or refund.
3) We are only responsible for the problems on the Japanese side. The problem of thefts encountered by various countries, or the loss of the local post office, is not related to Japan. We are not responsible for the quality of the postal system in other countries.
(After we submit the proof of shipment, in fact its mission has been completed)
4) All packages have tracking numbers, but some countries do not provide public inquiries.If you have not received it after more than 20 days, you can inform us to ask the Japan Post Office to investigate. It takes 30-45 days during the investigation, please wait for the investigation to end. If the package is lost in Japan, we will be responsible for compensation.
5) Based on risk management principles: Creating a new order (Or create multiple orders on the same day) means that all previous packages have been received, oYou are willing to be responsible for the loss yourself. In violation of this shopping principle, we will not be responsible for the verification of the parcel. Not responsible for the loss.

Please do not place an order if you cannot agree to the aforementioned clauses.
JTeXpress reserves the right to delete orders for a variety of reasons.

For whatever reason, parcels such as being returned to Tokyo.The retention period is one month.For buyers who cannot receive a response (MAIL), even if the representative is willing to give up the package after one month.

📌Upon completion of the payment, the representative agrees to abide by our above agreement.