7/9 Update) SG. HU. CN. NZ. IT. PL. PT. BG. BE. HU. NO. ES. SE. FR. DE. UK. HK. TW. CH. (Note: Countries outside the list all use sea freight. Additional transportation costs.)
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✔You are buying cigarettes, not toilet paper. Please don't expect us to solve your country's problems.
✔We refuse the purchase of a minor. Cigarettes are sensitive goods,❌One order do not exceed 4 cartons at most.

Remind buyers in Canada: Please stop buying.  
Please confirm whether there is an "input forbidden" update. The Ontario area is being returned in large quantities.

1) Q: What kind of order will be cancelled? 
A- More than one order in a week. Or exceeds the quantity.
Please do not create new orders continuously until you have received the package.
Self-use range, One order do not exceed 4 cartons at most. 🔰 For the first purchase, limit it in 2 cartons.
B- Once the parcel is confiscated by the customs, we will not refund the money. In particular, the update of Australian regulations (2019/7/1). We strictly require that every order in Australia be maintained in 2 cartons (this still carries the risk of being confiscated). Orders with more than 2 cartons will be cancelled directly.
C- The recipient's information does not match the one posted on the credit card. (name & address)
Based on PAYPAL regulations, we can only ship according to the information on the credit card. If you want to ship to another location or give it to others, please indicate the order number and prompt the message by MAIL after the order is created.
D- The email can't receive a response. This type of order can only be cancelled. Unable to ship.
❌For a refund, there will be a 300 yen service charge.
❌For members who repeatedly violate the rules, we will remove membership and refuse to provide services in the future.

2) Q: Airport duty-free cigarettes can order it?
We only offer cigarettes that are in circulation in Japan, not duty-free goods.
3) Q: When will I receive my order?
Most are 7-14 days. The transit time depends on the system problems of each country's post, which is beyond our control. In order to stay fresh, we do not hoard goods. Each order takes about 2-5 days to prepare.
4) Q: What if I don't receive it? C.JPG AU.JPG UK.JPG USA.JPG FN.JPG IT.JPG JP Post  Contact
We use the post office (Registered post) for transportation. Delays in local transportation or loss of parcels are not covered by our guarantees. All packages have tracking numbers, but some countries do not provide public inquiries. You need to manage your own risk. We suggest that buyers to join PAYPAL members, which will provide more protection for both parties.
5) Q: There are several payment mode?
We offer online payment. (Calculate in JP Yen) Or other plans, we will ask for cash payment. Each order contains the terms of service of the site, we may ask about the purchase status, if it is unable to respond within 24H, this order will be cancelled.

🔊🔊🔊 Important statement -

Attention: When you make a purchase, please ensure that it is for your own personal use only.
Please also comply with the statutory adult regulations of your country.
Customs in your country may seize the parcel.  If you can't solve it yourself, please don't buy it.

1) Matters related to local customs or customs duties, you will need to deal with them yourself.
2) If there is any shortfall in your order, please allow us to make up for it subsequently. If there is any mistake in the purchase, please understand that there will be no exchange or refund.
3) We use the post office (Registered post) for transportation. Delays in local transportation or loss of parcels are not covered by our guarantees. You must be responsible for inquiring about the whereabouts of the package to the local post office or requesting proof of shipment from us. The official website of the Japan Post Office can track the shipping date. All packages have tracking numbers, but some countries do not provide public inquiries.  You need to manage your own risk.
4) We are only responsible for keeping it for 10 days. If package return to Japan, please submit the next shipping plan quickly. After more than 10 days, the representative agreed to give up the package.
5) Creating a new order means that all previous packages have been received, you are willing to be responsible for the loss yourself. In violation of this shopping principle, we will not be responsible for the verification of the parcel.

If you have any objections, please do not pay. Please stop trading immediately.
JTeXpress reserves the right to delete orders for a variety of reasons.

📌Upon completion of the payment, the representative agrees to abide by our above agreement.

Smoking is harmful to health, and we advocate smoking cessation activities.

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