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Attention: When you make a purchase, please ensure that it is for your own personal use only.
Should there be any taxes or matters pertaining to customs, you are excepted to handle these situations yourself.
Announcement: No one wishes to make a mistake, but we are not machines.
If there is any shortfall in your order, please allow us to make up for it subsequently.
If there is any mistake in the purchase, please understand that there will be no exchange or refund.
Please do not place an order if you cannot agree to the aforementioned clauses.
If there is any wrong pricing, JTeXpress have the right to delete orders.

For whatever reason, parcels such as being returned to Tokyo.The retention period is one month. In the face of non-contact buyers, We no longer have the responsibility to deal with.

📌Upon completion of the payment, the representative agrees to abide by our above agreement.